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The best treatment is prevention. Keep yourself and your family healthy with a help of the compact medical station for self-sustained diagnostics.

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Control the risk of cardiovascularvascular diseases
Follow the progress of
Track the dynamics
while taking medication
glucose level
your quality of life
Get medical
tests at home
Eat right
Track your
stress level
Get rid of
harmful habits
psychological tests
Get personal recommendations
for health lifestyle
Track your
body weight
Track physical
exercise dynamics

Medical examination and tests in 5minutes

healtrix is ​​a compact case with medical devices for health monitoring. Use it at home or on vacation. Quickly and without a visit to the doctor.

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Accurately tracks blood pressure

Smart scales

Tracks the dynamics of weight and body mass index

Pulse oximeter

Tracks pulse and level of blood oxygen


Determines the heart rate


Tracks temperature quickly and accurately

Apnea mask

Controls breathing during sleep

Blood analyzer

Measures levels of blood sugar and cholesterol

More appliances

Phonendoscope, Helicobacter test and others.

Special occasion kits

In addition to the basic set, we have developed specialized kits with additional equipment for different occasions and circumstances.

For expectant mothers and young parents

Health monitoring of the fetus and baby, as well as mom and dad

For amateur sports and active lifestyle

Track the ratio of fat and muscle mass. Monitor your sport results.

For elderly people

ECG without leaving home and visits to the doctor. Take care of your parent’s health.

For public places: schools, offices, GYM

Designed to serve the maximum number of users

For the people with diabetes

Blood glucose meter, additional tests and reminders about taking insulin.
All equipment certified
It works autonomously, you can use it anywhere
Does not require deep medical knowledge
Measures indicators with high accuracy

Medical card in your pocket

Data from healtrix is transmitted to the mobile application, which helps to monitor the dynamics of health status and gives personal recommendations based on proven methods. You can manually enter data from any third-party devices. healtrix will help analyze these indicators and draw conclusions.

Step by step instructions
Personal recommendations
Inspection history
Appointment to the doctor
Device control

The best medical equipment now available to everyone

Professional medical equipment costs a lot of money.
We offer favorable rental terms so that the family budget also feels good.


Universal kit for the health of the whole family
healtrix station
Smart scales
Pulse oximeter
Smartphone app
99$ monthly
Order basic kit
Month FREE if you subscribe for 6 month.
Mother and child
Kit for pregnant and
Basic kit
Baby’s heartbeat and special tests
149 $ monthly
Order for a rent
Kit for people with
Basic kit
Invasive blood glucose meter
Insulin pump
149 $ monthly
Order for a rent
Kit for people who want to prolong youth
Basic kit
129 $ monthly
Order for a rent
Kit for people with active lifestyle
Basic kit
129 $ monthly
Order for arent
The minimum subscription period is 6 months.
You can buy any set of equipment.
Leave a request for pricing and conditions.

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Create a habit regularly monitor your health

healtrix is a complex set of hardware and software.
Outside it is a friendly device that even a child can handle.


Just open the case

Medical station is on in one touch.
Quick and easy.

The app will tell you
what to do

Step-by-step instructions in the application will help you to figure out how to take use it.

Check the results

The app will help you to understand what these numbers mean and what you need to pay attention to.

Get recommendations from your doctor

If necessary, healtrix can write you down to the specialist you need.

Repeat it day-to day!

Only with regular use can you track and prevent health risks in time.

Professionals approve

In 2008, our team was working on the project for continuous monitoring of patients of the Gerontology Research Institute. We developed a wearable sensor system with GPS signal transmission, learned how to correctly collect and process data.
Later we launched a project of pre-trip medical examination of drivers for large companies. Inspection with the help of hardware and software complex increased the speed of the procedure up to 3 times, and reduced the cost up to 5 times. Then the healtrix idea was born. We dreamed of creating a personal solution that allows you quickly and easily monitor your health from home. We spent 2 years on the implementation. healtrix not only monitors your health indicators, but also connects the patient with the doctor, supplying both with reliable diagnostic data.

Viktor Spitsyn, healtrix founder

I recommend healtrix

healtrix can be used to do basic research and accumulate data about your health condition over time. This greatly increases the level of awareness of the doctor about the possible development of patient diseases.

I highly recommend healtrix for use, especially for people at increased risk of developing occupational diseases. Using healtrix will allow to detect possible problems in the early stages.

Mashinckiy Alexey A.
Occupational therapist, Candidate of Medical Sciences

Healthy habits

healtrix is based on generally accepted methods for assessing the risks of cardiovascular diseases, as well as recommendations to reduce these risks. The modern approaches to the prevention of diseases are taken into account and various parameters are taken into consideration either. This allows you to assess the impact of various external factors on your health.

I can recommend healtrix. It will help you to develop the healthy habits.

Romanenko Zoya I.
Doctor-therapist, doctor of the highest qualification category

Right time check

healtrix allows you to test for the presence of Helicobacter pylori in the body. This bacterium is a common cause of gastritis, ulcers, and even stomach cancer.

A number of patients made a specialized respiratory test, which showed the presence of Helicobacter. This allowed us to prescribe timely treatment.

Dubtsova Elena A.
Specialist in therapeutics, gastroenterology.
Author of more than 100 research papers, got two patents.
Member of European Pancreatic Club (EPC).

Save your time

Before healtrix, the patient went through several procedures and more than once visited the clinic to collect all the tests. It took time from the patient and the doctor. With healtrix, all tests can be collected at home and delivered to the doctor with ready results.

The online card contains all the information about the patient: habits, lifestyle, age, illness. And I can communicate with patients through the mobile application. All this saves time and improves the accuracy of the diagnosis.

Komisasrenko Irina A.
M.D., professor.
Specialist in geriatrics, cardiology and gastroenterology.
Author of more than 100 research papers, wrote three monographies, got three patents.


The sooner you start to monitor your health, the happier and better your life will be.
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