How Healtrix Works

Patient On-boarding

  • Acute and Chronic condition patients are enrolled onto the Healtrix digital platform by Healthcare Professional
  • Patient profile with medical history is created along with a schedule for physiological parameters measurement
  • Healthcare Professional defines thresholds for physiological parameters and rules for triggering notifications when parameters breach threshold
  • Healtrix smartphone App is installed on Patients smart phone.
  • Patient is provided with medical devices for home measurement.

Remote Monitoring

  • Patients take measurements at home and the readings are automatically transferred to the Healtrix digital health platform
  • Patients can optionally receive reminders to take measurements based on a schedule set by the HCP
  • Healtrix’s SmartView dashboards display readings to HCP in near real-time
  • Measurements can be viewed as time series raw data or as graphs along with date and time of measurement.

Alerts and Monitoring

  • Healtrix monitors patient physiological parameters as they are taken and raises alerts when a breach occurs
  • Alerts can be sent out using different communication channels such as :Email, SMS, Smart phone notification or on the Smart View Dashboard
  • SmartView maintains history of all alerts raised and HCP provider can view the time-series plot of measurements along with breaches and alerts raised in a single screen
  • HCP can add comments and send messages to individual patients if required to book an appointment if required