Digital Healthcare - Remote Patient Monitoring

Healtrix provides digital healthcare platform that makes health management more effective for patients with Chronic and Acute conditions. We make it really easy to monitor patients at home or on the move. We provide an end-to-end remote patient monitoring, detection and alerting solution

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our Android based Smart Health mobile App can connect to multiple on-body, non-intrusive monitoring devices to automatically read physiological parameters when the measurements are taken

Connected Healthcare

Healtrix maintains history of all measurements along with breaches and alerts raised by the system. We measure in near real-time any parameter variations and send alerts to Healthcare provider.

Near Real-Time Alerts

We can monitor millions of data poinst in near real-time and send alerts and notfications to health carers.

Early Warning and Alerting

Intelligent software system that can look at the trend of physiological parameters and provide early warning system. This can be used for early intervention and hence prevent costly emergency admissions

Medication Reminders

Send reminders to patients to take medication based on a drug regime. nearly 50% of the long term condition suffers do not take medication on-time

Single platform to measure multiple parameters

Our Smart Health App can collect measurements such as: o Pulse o Blood Pressure o Respiration Rate o Blood Glucose o Body Temperature o Lung Capacity o Weight etc..